At Punta Caracol acqua-lodge we take the environment and the community well-being very seriously and therefore we are pioneers in sustainable management in both areas.

Here, the ancient crafty construction techniques are combined with the most advanced sustainable energy creation systems such as the solar panels, which are present at the restaurant and in all suites, and gas cooling in all our refrigerators and freezers, as well as the solar-powered coupling of a sewage purifying system using state-of-the-art aerobic and anaerobic systems for micro-processing and sewage treatment.

Punta Caracol acqua-lodge uses a solid waste disposal management that includes separation of residuals such as glass, aluminum, batteries, plastics and paper in different containers for special handling and recycling while collecting the organic waste into special boxes to make natural compost.
Bath kit element are eco-friendly same as the soap used in our laundry.

At arrival our guest receive a short briefing about the particularities of an environmentally friendly acqua-lodge and some tips that may help them having an enriching experience while helping preserving the planet. Neither fishing nor coral collecting is allowed at the acqua-lodge.

Our website´s FAQ gives further information about things our guests should and should not bring along with them into the acqua-lodge. Punta Caracol acqua-lodge uses only a 2% of its 100 acres land for its operation and keeps the other 98% as a private natural reserve.

Socially wise, we are profoundly community oriented. We have supported schooling, sports and local culture and folklore activities among youth of the area for the last 15 years.

Our staff is 100% Panamanian, and they are always eager to get better service training to increase their professional skills as well as ecologic and environmental knowledge.

When Punta Caracol acqua-lodge began operations more than 15 years ago, few believed we could last if we intended to operate with such environment and social standards. At that time none of both concepts where yet having the relevance they do now.

Today, however, Punta Caracol acqua-lodge is a leading reference and has received national and international recognition. Punta Caracol acqua-lodge is a proud 2 star member of the “Blue Flag Program” sponsored by the First Lady Bureau and has being posted as one of the most sustainable hotels in the world by leading media channels such as CNN. We are a proudly winner of the “Excellency Hostelry Award” given by the National Tourism Authority Minister.