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FrequentlyAsked Questions

Is it possible to ask for transportation from Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge to the town of Bocas at any time of the day, to visit or to buy crafts in town?

How much does it cost? Yes, the service exists. The tariffs by person oscillate between $15 and $30 (2 way-trip), depending on the number of guests who are interested.

What is the procedure to confirm my reservation?

You can request, either by e-mail or by telephone, information on availability for the dates that you are interested in. To confirm availability, indicate how many people, how many rooms and the number of nights that you wish to stay (remember to give a name and a telephone or e-mail of contact).

The personnel of Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge will tell you the total cost of your stay and the limit of payment. Then a full payment deposit must be made. The request will be registered automatically in our reservations system within the limit of payment. After that time, if there has been no deposit confirmation, the system will suspend the request.

After the limit of payment, if you did not execute and confirm the deposit, you will have to ask again for information on availability before sending your deposit to confirm your reservation.

The reservation is definitively confirmed once you have received your reservation confirmation number.

* Without meeting these requirements reservations do not exist.

It is necessary also that you indicate your arrival schedule to us, telling us if you come by highway or air.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card?

Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted in the Acqua-Lodge for extra expenses during your stay here and for making reservation deposits.

What tours or activities can be done from the Acqua-Lodge?

There are a number of diverse activities:

  • Boat tours to nearby beautiful beaches, keys, rivers and small barren islands, where you will observe a great diversity of flora and fauna.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Tour the island by bicycle or motorcycle.
  • Visit the Indian communities, appreciating their culture and way of life (river and trekking).
  • At the Acqua-Lodge, you can snorkel or row in a kayak in the one mile of coral lined on which Punta Caracol is situated.

How do we reach Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge once we have arrived in the country of Panama?

By airplane: one domestic airline exist offer this service. They leave daily from the national airport Marcos Gelabert (Albrook) in Panama City. Duration of flight: 55 minutes approx. Tariff: $225.00/person (round trip) Check them out at:

By highway: you must arrive at the town of Almirante. and leave your car in the fire department parking or in the car place located next to the taxiboat company.

From there, 2 companies offer passengers transportation to the island: Taxi 25 and Bocas Marine Tours (a reservation is not necessary). Cost: $5/person. Duration in boat: 30 minutes (approx). Remember to call to Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge before embarking in the boat-taxi, so we will be waiting for you at the Bocas del Toro boat terminal .

How can you get to the Punta Caracol acqua-lodge from Costa Rica?

By airplane: please visit

By Road: If you will arrive from Costa Rica, you must first go to Sixaola, acquire the exit stamp and go across the border line towards Guabito (Panama). The land transportation you have used to get to Sixaola will not go across the border line.

Once in Guabito (Panama) you must approach the immigration office so they can stamp your entrance to the country.

Once the bureaucratic process is over, you must take a taxi (the fare for this service is about $20) all the way to Almirante, and tell him you want to go to the boat-taxi station of the Bocas Marine Tours company or Taxi 25. Once in the boat-taxi station buy your ticket $4/person and tell them you want to be dropp off in Bocas Island. Remember to call Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge 6612-1088 or 757-9410 before embarking.

What is the meeting point if you arrive by plane in Bocas del Toro?

If you arrive by plane the meeting point is our office in the Bocas del Toro airport. We will be waiting for you upon your arrival as soon as the plane lands.

Is there night time transportation to and from Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge to the town Bocas so we can enjoy the joyful and relaxed atmosphere nightlife of Bocas?

Yes, the service exists. The rate per person oscillates between $15 and $40, depending on the number of guests who are traveling. The companies are from town, not from Punta Caracol.

Are there any special vaccines or medicines needed to enter Panama?

For further information, please contact your nearest health center, or your nearest embassy.

Is it possible to snorkel near the Acqua-Lodge?

Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge has two kilometers of coast, with transparent shallow waters and good coral reefs. You can snorkel as well as swim from your private terrace or from the solarium of the bar.

Is it possible to say accurately what time of the year is less rainy in Bocas del Toro?

It is possible to say that generally speaking, the months of March, April, September and October are statistically the dry ones, one of the characteristics of the tropical Caribbean is the instability of its climate. The weather is unpredictable in Bocas del Toro.

Is there a medical center near the Acqua-Lodge exist?

Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge has a first-aid kit, and trained personnel to act in case of an emergency. The Bocas medical center is 20 minutes from Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge.

What special things should we bring to the Acqua-Lodge?

We recommend bringing a good book to enjoy peaceful reading on your private terrace.

If you are following some treatment or you require some medicine or specific products for daily use, bring them with you.

Due to our location some products are difficult to find, we appreciate any delivery of biodegradable products (solar creams, mosquito repellent, personal hygiene products , etc.).

What articles does one not need to bring to Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge?

Punta Caracol is a unique place for resting and leisure. The only thing you will need is your personal products, a good book, and the desire to experience a unique life in the Caribbean sea in a natural and virgin surrounding.

What you do not need to bring:

  • Electrical hair dryer nor electrical shavers
  • Food nor drink
  • Any product or instrument that is not compatible with the ecological and peaceful character of Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge, or that can bother other guests.

What kind of meals will we find at Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge restaurant?

The breakfasts and the dinners are included in the rates of Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge.

The breakfasts consist of milk, juices, water, coffee, tea, cereals, jams, butter, honey, eggs (as you like them), toast, bacon and fruits of the day.

For the dinner, Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge offers a different menu for every night.

The dishes are made with fresh products native to the region and consist of a variety of fish, meats, seafood, salads, rice, vegetables, pastes, fruits and desserts.

Some foods, like the fish and seafood, are taken directly from the sea to the kitchen, to be prepared and served directly to your plate. Other foods, like vegetables, come from our organic garden, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness.

If you decide to take an excursion that we recommend, you will dine in a place near the site which you visit and the food will always be fresh. If you decide to remain and to relax in Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge, You will be able to have lunch by choosing from the dishes on the menu.

If you have any type of incompatibility with any food because you are vegetarian or allergic to some products, let us know and we will provide a menu according to your needs.

When can we check in and when do we have to check out?

The day of your arrival, you will be able to check in at 12:00 midday.
The day of your departure, you will have to check out at 11:00 in the morning.



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